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Welcome to Techreferences, a technical reference portal where IT professionals and webmasters can find many free technical resource sites, training sites, webmaster tools sites, site where free software downloads are available, forums, user groups and even free resources for IBM mainframers.

Our directory is contain human edited references and quality resources so you don't have to sort through sub par listings. Be sure to visit us throughout the week, as we're constantly adding new free technical resources to our directory updated and technical news. Enjoy this site and remember to link to us, when you find a need to locate free technical resource portals.


Web Portal Resource List

highlight arrow Download Sites - technical reference downloads sites.

highlight arrow Mainframe- Find out what's technical resources are available for mainframes and find available employment opportunities.

highlight arrow  Organizations - Find or suggest an technical organization related to your background and collaborate with like minds.

highlight arrow - Security response uncovers hoaxes on a regular basis.

highlight arrow Technical Forum - Join a forum to collaborate with novice and experts in your subject of interest.

 Training-sites - A list of free training sites for novice to expert developers.

highlight arrow Webmaster tools-View this collection of tecnical webmaster tools links for webmaster to help design more creative sites.

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