Best & Worst Ways to Find a Job

According to Weddles, these are the best and worst ways to finding a job. The best 5 way for the source of employment are:

  1. Answering ads and posting your resume on job boards, reported by 13.22% of respondents;
  2. A call from a headhunter or staffing firm, reported by 11.3% of respondents;
  3. A tip from a friend or family member, reported by 11.1% of respondents;
  4. Networking at work or at a business event, reported by 10.5% of respondents;
  5. A virtual tie between career fairs and answering an ad in a newspaper, reported by 5.8% of respondents.
    As you can see, these five sources accounted for almost six out of ten (57.7%) of the positions that people took during their last job search.

What were the least helpful sources of employment, as reported by our survey respondents? Beginning with the least effective, they were:

  1. Networking at a social event
  2. Answering an ad in a publication of their professional association
  3. Using a social networking site
  4. Sending a resume directly to an employer; and
  5. Responding to a notice posted in a store.

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